Friday, October 21, 2016

HMQG Medallion Quilt Along... FINAL ROUND!

Have you been keeping up with the HMQG Medallion Quilt Along? Guess what... WE'RE FINISHED!

The final round has been updated, and you can now download the entire Medallion Quilt Along directions HERE!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Meeting Details

Join us this Saturday, September 17 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Room 210/212 of the Payne Building
(Education Building behind the church,
entrance off of Sage Rd ~0.2 mi south of Woodway) 
We are having a trunk show with our own Felice Regina! Come see her beautiful Luna Sol fabrics and all of the beautiful projects she has made with them. She may even have a few bundles for sale.

Your finished 18 inch blocks for the QuiltCon Charity Quilt - these will be pieced next week at the sew in.
Any and all finished PULSE Charity Quilts - these go in the mail next week.
BIRTHDAY SWAP MONTH!  Anyone born in July, August and September (and anyone that missed the first 6 months) - bring a small handmade item, some small sewing notion or a fat quarter or two, something sweet.  
There are a few HMQG shirts left for sale.  Bring money!
There are 8 HMQG mugs left.  Bring more money!
SEW and TELL - it was GREAT last month - keep those projects coming - we love to see them!
Join us after the meeting for lunch

Island Grill

5709 Woodway Dr., Houston, TX 77025
Featuring moothies and health-conscience Mediterranean food and juice bar 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August News & Upcoming Events

The Royal Proclamation
By Debbie Grosskopf
My daughters are some of the best shoppers you will ever meet!  Their tastes have changed and matured, but there was a time when they were really fond of the typical teen stores - the Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle….just to name a few.  They had a budget at the beginning of the school year to use to get un-ripped jeans (in the days before you PAID for the ripped ones…) a couple of cute, new tops, some new shoes.  They learned how to make their money stretch so they could get more items at lower costs.  When Forever 21 opened, they were ecstatic - until the first time they washed that so-cheap-and-really-cute top.  Then it shrunk to  toddler size or the lace came off or the seams opened.  It was a lesson in getting what you pay for.

The HMQG has been dealing with it’s own version of Forever 21.  We decided to try a new location this year, the Trini Mendenhall Community Center.  It has been a blessing to have a place that is free but that price tag has come with some restrictions that have made it impossible to do our Guild business.  Consequently, your HMQG Board has voted to move back to St. Martin’s Church.  We will be paying $50 a month to use the facility for our regular meetings but we will be able to host raffle quilts from other guilds, collect dues, sell mugs and other things and do our Guild business.  Our hours are less restrictive and the church will set up and clean up for us.  There will be opportunities to use the larger room for sewing but that comes at a larger cost.  So we plan to still use the Mendenhall center for sewing events where no money will be exchanged.  

What does this mean for you?  You have to read your newsletter and Google calendar and the emails we send.  We will post everywhere we can think of to make sure you know where to go for things you want to do!  I hope you know we didn’t make this change lightly.  We just have to be able to conduct business. 
August Meeting Details:
Purl and Loop Trunk Show
10am at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
717 Sage Rd, Houston, TX  77056
We meet in the Payne Bldg (behind the church) in Room 210/12
We will have people outside to guide you up until the meeting starts so get there early!
HMQG Upcoming Events

  • August 11, 7 pm (Thurs) -- HMQG Social at Good Dog Houston (RSVP)
  • August 13, 9 am to 3 pm (Sat) -- Quilt Show booth sewing day (Trini Mendenhall Center)
  • August 20, 10 am to 1 pm (Sat) - August HMQG Meeting NEW LOCATION
    • Purl and Loop Trunk Show
    • The August meeting is an important one.  We will be discussing some changes to our By-laws.  We need your vote, so please plan to attend!
    • NEW LOCATION - St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Payne Room 210/212
  • September 9 and 10 (Fri, Sat) - Coastal Prairie Quilt Showcase with HQMG Fundraising booth
  • September 17, 10 am to 1 pm (Sat) - September HMQG Meeting
  • October 15, 10 am to 1 pm (Sat) - October HMQG Meeting (St. Martin's)
  • November 1 (Tues) - Carolyn Friedlander workshop
  • November 19, 10 am to 1 pm (Sat) - November HMQG Meeting (Trini Mendenhall Center)
  • More great events announced soon!

Join us for a sew in at Trini Mendenhall Community Center on August 13, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We will be making items for our booth at the quilt show in September. It's just around the corner, so please come and help out!


Get excited for a trunk show and mini shop with Angela Smith, founder of 
Purl and Loop, at our August meeting! Angela will show us the weaving supplies that they offer as well as a weaving demonstration. Don't miss it!

Carolyn Friedlander Workshop 
Don't forget to sign up for our workshop with Carolyn Friedlander! Spots are going fast! We will be doing her awesome Everglade pattern. The workshop will be onTuesday, November 1, at Quiltworks (9431 Jones Rd) from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Sign up as soon as possible using the link here. You have the option of including the cost of the pattern with your registration, as you will see on the sign up page. If you do want to include the pattern, you must sign up by no later than October 1. Contact Kate White with any questions.

Second Half of 2016 UFO Challenge
Congratulations to all those that finished projects during turn the First Half of 2016 UFO Challenge  Due to popular demand, we are having another UFO challenge for the 2nd half of 2016.  Send a quick note to Kate to identify the items you'd like to commit to finishing by the end of 2016.  Every finished UFO is an entry for a prize!

The next Quarterly Birthday Swap will be in September. If you wish to participate in the swap, please bring a gift to swap. Gift ideas can include, but are not limited to: 1 or 2 FQ of modern quilt shop quality fabric,1 small handmade item (zipper pouch, pin cushion, mug rug, hot pad etc) sewing notion, a personal size sweet treat (candy, small cake). These are only suggestions, feel free to include any items you think a quilter/sewer would enjoy.

Michael Miller Quilt Con Fabric Challenge
The fabric is in!  Eleven (11) of you signed up to do the challenge - the fabric will be at the meeting.  It's really pretty - you want yours!

HMQG Fall Retreat: September 30th - October 2nd (Deep Woods Retreat Center)
We have one more spot for the fall retreat. This is your last chance to visit Deep Woods Retreat as they are closing in December. If you are interested, be the first to email

 for your spot. She will send you the link through which to pay. Here are the particulars again: September 30-Oct 2, 2016 at Deep Woods Retreat in Smithville, TX. Cost: $185 (through Paypal) $180 cash discount. Thanks!!
2017 Open Board Positions
There are many ways to get involved in the HMQG.  We will have the following board positions open for the 2017 year:

President Elect
VP Membership
VP Programming
VP Communications

If you are interested in running, the process is easy!  Just contact our current President, Debbie Grosskopf.  You can self-nominate or, as we like to call it, volunteer!  We would love to have you!  Remember, you have to be a member in good standing for 6 months prior to your nomination.

We are also taking names for a nominating committee to select qualified candidates to run for the positions.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Sally.  The job of the committee is to find qualified and willing candidates for each position by the October Meeting.  

Our slate of candidates will be presented at the October meeting.  If a position is contested, the candidates will give short speeches at the meeting.  Bribes are frowned upon - unless it's chocolate...  We will vote at our November meeting.  You will have the opportunity to vote absentee online.  You may not vote more than once.....

The very best way to meet your new friends is to get involved.  Our group is growing at a breakneck pace (for us, anyway) and you really want to be part of the movers and shakers.  Ask us about the duties of the positions - we have answers for you!

The August meeting is an important one.  We will be discussing some changes to our By-laws.  We need your vote, so please plan to attend!
Blog Roll on HMQG Blog - we're working on sprucing up the HMQG blog and we'd like to connect to all of you talented sewists.  If you have a blog or website that you would like to be included on our blog, please let Sydney know.
Advertisers in the Monthly Newsletter - with our new monthly newsletter, we will be seeking sponsorship from interested local or national companies.  If you are interested in advertising your sewing-related company or service, please let Stephanie know.

Welcome to our new members:  Brynne, Heathir, and Kirby.  We are so glad you joined our fun group!  If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to any of the officers or members.  Check out the directory in the google doc below.  We have printed copies (printed in June) available for a $1 donation.  Get one at the meeting.


We are counting down in the final month of the fundraiser activities.  We have had many items made thus far and lots of nice donated items such as books, fabric, notions.

If you have been planning to clean house and eliminate any "new condition" books, fabric bundles, fabric yardage, tools, notions, etc, this is a great opportunity to donate it to the fund raiser.  Our last big sew day is August 13 and we hope you can come and join the fun.  If you want to come but don't want to sew, we will have lots of activities you can help with such as fabric cutting, fabric bundling, and so much more.

If you have items that can help make our booth beautiful, contact Joe Ann McClure and let her know so that she can plan the booth accordingly.  If you want to help in any way on Thursday, Sept 8, contact Joe Ann McClure.  If you want to "man" the booth on Friday, Saturday, Sept 9 and 10, contact Sally Keller.  Both of these ladies need your help and support.  None of us can make it alone.  We need all your help!

Make sure to save the dates Sept 9 and 10 and come shopping in the booth as well as see all the beautiful quilts (over 246, many of which are from our own HMQG members).

All items turned in will receive one more coupon for a quarterly drawing in September and for every 25 items  you have turned in, you will get one ticket for the grand prize drawing of a Brother Sewing machine.  
Keep those items coming...... 

Logo Mugs are Here!!!

How are you getting by without your insulated, 24 oz HMQG mug?  You must be thirsty!  Let us remedy that situation!  Pick up your mug for just $12 at the meeting.
 Our Charity Happenings
We are still working on our contributions for the Orlando MQG Pulse Quilts. If you have heart blocks or a quilt in the works, please bring to the August meeting. Thank you to everyone for taking time away from your personal sewing to work on this project!  
And as always, we are still accepting finished quilts and pillowcases for our local charities.

QuiltCon Charity Quilt - Chairman NEEDED ASAP! We have received a lovely donation from Michael Miller of ALL of the fabric needed to complete our QuiltCon Charity Quilt. We don't, however, have a person to spearhead the project. Please please please consider taking this on! Check out the requirements and deadlines on the MQG site and help us put together a beautiful Charity Quilt to represent the HMQG. Contact Debbie if you are interested in spearheading this project.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

HMQG Medallion Quilt Along - July & August

Over the next two months we will be making the fifth round, which consists of twenty-four Raspberry Kiss blocks, each measuring 8” finished. The Raspberry Kiss block, pictured left, is another fantastic scrap buster, but also works well with planned fabric choices. You can find the cutting instructions below followed by the piecing instructions.
Cutting Instructions for One 8” Finished Raspberry Kiss Block
  • Kiss fabric: 1 rectangle 2 ½” x 6 ¼” and 2 squares 2 ½” x 2 ½”
  • Background fabric: 4 squares 2 ½” x 2 ½” and 2 squares 5” x 5” cut on the diagonal to make four triangles.
Piecing Instructions for One 8” Finished Raspberry Kiss Block
Sew one background square to each side of a kiss square, taking slightly larger than ¼” seams. Then sew the rectangular kiss fabric between the two rows of three squares, also using a slightly larger than ¼” seam.  You should end up with a block approximately 6 ¼” square.

Next sew a background triangle to two opposite sides of the kiss block using a normal ¼” seam.  Press seams toward triangles.  Then sew the remaining two background triangles to the two remaining sides, using a normal ¼” seam.  Press seams toward triangles. Square up your block as needed, remembering that if you do not leave ¼” on each side beyond where the corner triangles intersect then you will cut off those points when you sew your blocks together.

Once you have your twenty-four blocks completed, sew them together into four sections, two having five blocks each, and two having seven blocks each.  You should then have two sections each measuring 8 ½” x 40 ½” and two sections each measuring 8 ½” x 56 ½”. You should note that as we continue adding rounds, any deviation in your seam allowance can really start to add up!  You should pin each section to your medallion prior to sewing it on, and then you can take in or let out a seam or two as needed.

Next, sew the two shorter sections to the top and bottom of your medallion. Then sew the two longer sections to the remaining two sides.  At this point your medallion quilt top should measure 56 ½” square.

Don’t forget that our only rule for this QAL is “Make it Your Own” so if you don’t feel you can make all 24 Raspberry Kiss blocks, make 12 and alternate with 8 1/2" squares of coordinating fabrics, or make four and use those as cornerstones with solid pieces of fabric in between.  Or come up with something all your own!

Bring your medallion to the next meeting for Sew and Tell, so we can see your progress, and tag your pictures on instagram with #hmqgmedallion too.

Christmas in July Workshop - Saturday July 30th

Come celebrate Christmas in July!
It's time to get a head start on the holidays! On Saturday, July 30, we will have our Holiday Head Start at Trini Mendenhall Community Center from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This event will feature four short mini-workshops from members of the guild. Descriptions of each are given below. Each will take about one hour to learn and complete.  The schedule for the day is listed below, feel free to join for the workshops you are interested in.

Kits are available as indicated - you must pay for your kit before the day of the workshop, via Paypal, cash or check. Links to Paypal options are listed below.  If you have any questions, contact Kate White. Get excited to get ahead for the holidays!

Workshop features quick tutorials on making Pattern Weights, Quick Pillowcases, Self-Binding Baby Blankets, and a darling Mouse Pincushion

Saturday, July 30:
9:00 - 10:00 Pattern Weights with Tammy Blackburn (@karamatsews)
Requirements: No sewing! Just washers, ribbon, and some glue! You can provide your own ribbon or purchase some in your kit.
Kit available for a small donation to our programming committee
Kit: 8 washers (2 per weight) and enough ribbon for 4 weights. $5.50 via Paypal, $5 cash or check discount

10:30 - 11:30 Quick Pillowcases with Hilary Jordan (@youngtexanmama)
Requirements: You should bring two coordinating fabrics for this project. This pillowcase is made using the burrito method with no exposed seams.
One 3/8 yd cut of fabric
One 7/8 yd cut of fabric
No kit available

12:00 - 1:00 Self Binding Baby Blanket with Stephanie Freeman (@HoustonDIY)
Requirements: You'll need two coordinating fabrics for this project. One will serve as the main front fabric while the other will be the binding and backing. Flannels and cuddles are great for this project. Using cuddle as the main fabric with flannel or quilting cotton as the backing is a great combination.
34" x 34" square main fabric
40" x 40" backing/binding fabric
(Roughly: 1 yd main, 1.25" backing)
No kit available

1:30 - 2:30 Holiday Mice with Liz Pawlik (@fatchickquilts)
Requirements: This cute mouse pin cushion or cat toy requires just fabric, some contrasting thread for the face, and very small pieces of felt for the ears.
You should bring: two small pieces of fabric
Kit available for a small donation to our programming committee
Kit: Embroidery thread, felt for ears, filler $3.50 via Paypal, $3 cash or check discount

Would you like to pre-order a kit?
Please consider buying your kits in advance to help us get an accurate count.  Also, we cannot exchange money at the Trini Mendenhall Center due to Harris County law , so please order through PayPal with the following links.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Members, Please see the information below from our Charity Coordinator Tammy regarding helping the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild with #QuiltsForPluse. 

Hi Ladies,

This is kind of long, but stay with me… there’s LOTS of good information below!

We have worked out the details of the HMQG efforts to assist Orlando Modern Quilt Guild with quilts for those impacted by the shooting at Pulse nightclub over the weekend.  To ease some of their work, we want to provide completed quilts rather than just quilt blocks.  And we would LOVE to be able to complete at least 5 quilts to send… I’m sure we can come together to make these!  We will have sew time after our meeting this weekend, so please feel free to bring completed blocks and/or bring your machine and sew along with us!

The quilts will be made from 10” (finished) heart blocks using the tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew
The hearts should be made in a rainbow of bright colors (solids or prints) and the background in low volume prints.

Because we are trying to complete these quilts on a quick timeline, we are going to try using a new (to us) tool – Signup Genius.  This is a great tool for organizing signups and I’ve used this with great success in other groups.

A little about how to use the signups:
There is a unique link for each quilt we want to make, and within each link are all of the requirements it will take to make a quilt… make blocks, piece quilt top, provide backing, provide batting, quilt, bind & label. If you want to make 10 blocks, click on the link for Quilt #1, click on Make Blocks, and then select your quantity as 10.  If there aren’t 10 ‘make block’ spaces left, fill in what’s available, and then move on to Quilt #2.  Seems a little confusing at first, but I’m sure you’ll grow to love the convenience as much as I do  :)

If you are making blocks, please bring them to the meeting or plan to stay after the business portion and sew with us.  If you sign up for 5 blocks, but find yourself making 10 – no worries, bring them!  And if you don’t sign up for blocks but end up making some – great, bring them! We will continue making as many quilts as we can, so keep those blocks coming.

If you are providing backing or batting, please try to bring that with you to Saturday’s meeting so that it can get into the hands of the quilter as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me:


Quilt #1

Quilt #2

Quilt #3

Quilt #4

Quilt #5

Monday, April 25, 2016

May Meeting Workshop Information - Gatherer Crossbody Bag

At our May meeting we will have a fun workshop open to all members! We are going to make the Gatherer Crossbody Bag. The pattern, by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, is a free download from Robert Kaufman. See more info below!

The pattern is free to download at this link -- make sure you check out the list of supplies, which I have also copied below with some notes about what we will have available at the meeting.

Workshop information:

The workshop will be after our May meeting, on Saturday, May 21. The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. You may arrive early, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., if you would like to set up your spot before the meeting. We will finish for the day by 3:00 p.m.

What do I need to do at home?
It is important that you come to the workshop with your fabric and interfacing already cut out. We will be focusing on Assembly rather than Cutting (see page 3 of the pattern). If you plan to make your own piping, please come with it already made as well. Finally, it is a good idea to go ahead and fuse your interfacing to your pieces before you arrive (see Step 1 on page 3)! If you have any questions, please ask Kate.

Pattern information:

We will be offering kits for $3 that will include the piece of leather and button stud mentioned in the list below. Our button studs are silver.

Supply list:
1/2 yard fabric for exterior
1/2 yard fabric for lining
1/2 yard fabric for piping (optional, if making your own)
1 & 1/4 yards fusible woven interfacing (Pellon SF101)
1/3 yard fusible fleece (Pellon 987F)
1 yard 1/2" wide bias tape piping (if not making your own)
2" x 4" scrap of leather, suede or non-fraying faux leather
button stud (8mm size cap is recommended)
(2) 1/2" swivel/lobster claps hardware (optional for attaching strap)

Pinking shears
Water soluble pen, chalk pen, or Frixion pen for marking
Leather hole punch (Debbie, Stephanie, and I have some of these, so we will have some around to use if you don't already have one!)
Sewing machine
Small cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Pins, wonderclips, etc.
Any other tools you like to have with you

See more photos on Anna Graham's blog here or on Carolyn Friedlander's blog here. Carolyn altered the pattern a little, so check out her changes. Anna also has a great tutorial for making your own piping here. Here's a review by A Quilter's Table that has some great pics of her finished bag. Finally, I like to check Instagram for inspiration, so I recommend looking through the following tags: #gatherercrossbodybag, #noodleheadpatterns

Get excited for a great workshop!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Come join us & cross off those UFOs!

Don't forget - we have a sew-in tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center!

Feel free to arrive any time between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We need to be completely out by 3:00 p.m.

Bring your current project, a UFO, something you want some feedback on - whatever you want! Make sure you bring whatever you'll need to sew.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Meeting Highlights

Did you miss the awesome The Cloth Pocket pop up shop this month? Don't fear, Nicole and the lovely ladies from Austin always offer 20% off to MQG members, even online! Simply use the code MQGXOXO at checkout.

Programming Update
In May we will have our Gatherer Crossbody Bag Workshop, which is open to and free for all members. The pattern is free to download at that link -- make sure you check out the list of supplies! We will be offering kits for $3 that will include the piece of leather and button stud mentioned in the pattern. See more photos on Anna Graham's blog here! She also has a great tutorial for making your own piping here. Get excited for a great workshop!

Membership Update
Directories will be available at the May Meeting. Also, please remember that everyone who has registered and paid dues for 2016 has been added to view the HMQG Google Calendar. You do not have to have a gmail account to view it. If you don't, you should have received an invitation to install the calendar. Please use this tool - we think you will find it very useful! We are trying to keep everything up-to-date and will have important details there. It is just one more way we are communicating to you. Let Debbie know if you are having trouble with access to the calendar.

Fundraiser Booth
Please turn in your fundraiser booth items and keep an eye on the Wiki (found on theHouston page of the MQG website) to see new links posted for patterns for new items to make. Don't forget about the Grand Prize at the end of the fundraiser. If you need fabric to make items, Pam will be bringing some each month but your scrap basket can provide treasures too. Grab a piece of fabric and make a ______(YOU fill in the blank).



More great sew and tell can be found on our Instagram @houstonmqg or search #hmqgsewandtell

Have you missed out on any of the HMQG's Medallion Quilt Along?
You can download the full instructions, from the first block to the March/April additions here! We can't wait to see what you make, so remember to bring your progress to the next meeting, and tag your photos on Instagram with #hmqgmedallion.

  • April 28, 7 pm - Dinner and drinks at PLONK! (1214 West 43rd)
  • May 6, 7, and 8 - Spring Retreat at Deep Woods Retreat Center (details being sent to those attending)
  • May 21, 10 am to 3pm - HMQG meeting and Gatherer Crossbody bagworkshop (details above)
  • June 18, 10 am to 1 pm - HMQG meeting and That Modern Fabric Shop Pop-up Shop
  • June 25, 9 am to 3 pm - Charity Sew-In Day
AND MUCH MORE! Be sure to check our Google Calendar for additional events and details.

Friday, April 15, 2016

April Meeting Tomorrow

The HMQG Meeting is tomorrow - REMEMBER:
  • Money for the Pop-up show with The Cloth Pocket from Austin-lots of beautiful, modern fabrics we love!
  • Pick up your HMQG 24 oz insulated Tumbler-$13 (cash discounted price is $12)
  • Money for another wonderful Opportunity Basket

Plan to show us:
  • A completed piece using PAPER PIECING
  • Progress on your Medallion-a-long
  • Your completed UFO's
  • Your items for the fundraiser
  • Your completed Charity Quilts
  • Your finished quilts from the recent workshops
  • Any of the beauties you have finished lately - we love to be inspired by your work! Honestly - it's why we come!

Sally is collecting lovely handmade items to use as door prizes for the retreat - see her if you have something!

TACO DEL JULIO - 8203 Long Point Rd

Mark your calendar - SOCIAL NIGHT - April 28 - Dinner and drinks at PLONK! 7pm 1214 West 43rd.

See you tomorrow!