Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 Charity Sewing

We voted to support 2 organizations during the 2011 Guild year... Pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer and Art Quilts for Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)

Please see these websites for additional information on both organizations:

They have 2 sets of pillowcase directions on their website. The pattern seems to be the standard size you see most directions list, so I'm sure any pattern will do (APQ 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge website has lots of patterns!) A couple of notes... the fabric needs to be washed prior to making, and all exposed seams need to be finished (zig zag, serge, or French seam).

Please make sure to read through the information on their website. In addition to the {strict} size restrictions, you can not use someone else's pattern for your quilt without written permission (to be included) from the designer.

For our ongoing project, we elected to make BOTH the 9.5" Wonky Star and the 8.5" String Block. These can be made at any time, with any fabrics... I'll have a box available at each meeting for the blocks. Once we have enough blocks made of either style we'll be on the lookout for volunteers to piece the quilt top, secure backing/batting, quilt & bind. We can also vote at a later date where we want the completed quilts to go... lots of good ideas were shared today, but please also keep in mind any places you hear of that may be in need of a little quilt love.

Here are a couple of tutorials for the blocks:
Wonky Star: (we talked of making 9.5" rather than the 12.5" listed in the tutorial)
String Block: (no need for the white center string... just start with your fabrics and go!)

As for timing on the 2 projects, I was thinking we could focus on the pillowcases for the first part of the year so that everyone has time to brainstorm the perfect art quilts! I'll be in touch with both organizations shortly and more specific dates will be shared as determined.

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