Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minutes- August 20, 2011 Meeting

Amy C.
Bryanna O'Mara *
Chi Tsai ^
Liz Thayer ^
Becca Bryan ^
Gina Mitt *
Katie Golzarri *
Sally Keller ^
Erin Weber ^
Gabriella Castillo *
Mindy Churchill ^

* Needs a membership card (please let me know if you weren't there today and need a membership card)
^ New Member

Aunt Faye's - bad reputation for food, wasn't included in the vote
Deep Woods - pretty and 4 room $85/person per night - 14
Red Barn-6 per room - 0
Abstentions - 2

We are hopefully going to Deep Woods soon! Tammy will coordinate with them on availability and will get back to us!

Meeting Space:
St. Martins @Woodway and Sage option for meeting space. Fi, Bry and Diedre will be checking next Saturday $50.00/4hrs
Will be paid for out of current dues for this year.

Book Review:
Erin reviewed Rule-Breaking Quilts and also brought Liberated Quiltmaking II. Rule-Breaking Quilts gives her lots of inspiration and she thinks it's definitely worth it, but wouldn't copy the quilts exactly.

Next month we will do a book loan/swap -- bring a book you're willing to loan out (with your name written in it) and take another one home to "check out."

Quilt Festival/Market Meet up:
Robin has been in touch w/ Alyssa of MQG and they want us to have one during Market. We would like to meet industry types, but also would like to meet other MQG members, etc. so we decided to host a meet up during both Market and Festival. These will be hosted at hotel bars and we are thinking Hilton for Market and Hyatt for Festival, due to scheduling. A group called Fabric2.0 (not a guild, but an industry group - organized by a woman in Houston) is happening on Friday 28th and sample spree is Friday the 28th (night), shoot for October 29th for the meet up. Festival meet up would be Saturday the 5th. MQG will help w/ sponsors, giveaways, Erin will help coordinate this.

We will have a name tag challenge for the October meeting to make yourself a name tag to wear at those meetings. Details to follow.

Today we decided to have TWO -- that's right -- 2 meetups: One for Market on Saturday Oct. 29th at the Hilton bar beginning @ 8:00pm, and another one for Festival on Saturday Nov. 5th at the Hyatt Lobby Bar -- time to be decided soon.

Erin has graciously volunteered to help solicit door prizes.

A team challenge for our October meeting will be to make yourself a name tag on a hexie theme. There will be a sew-in the end of Sept/early Oct at Amy's house where you can work on your name tag if you wish AND.....wait for it.......MR. Amy will be providing his amazing world famous bbq! 

Gabi's friend is helping coordinate some logos, will have something in the next couple of weeks.

Guild Blog:
Blog is the public relations aspect, the flickr is the private discussions.
Include tutorials, featured work, meetings, etc.
If you want to post anything, send it to Erin

If you have made any pillowcases, please turn them in but there is still time to make some if you'd like.

The Alzheimer's mini quilt deadline is going to be coming up - go to their website for rules and regs.

Also we are also still accepting blocks for a charity quilt, you can make either wonky stars (9.5") or string blocks (8.5").

Here is the link (scroll down for APO address) about the quilt project for stretchers and gurneys for wounded soldiers being transported for care. The suggested quilt size is 48"x78".

This was suggested as a possible charity for next year. 

Show and Tell:
- Deirdre showed her Row Robin quilt, which is basted and ready to quilt. She also showed her For the Love of Solids Swap item, a mini quilt.
- Because Liz won't be here next time, she showed her Habitat challenge item, an abstract pillow.
- Bry is doing a Jane Austen Swap w/ Suzettra on flickr, so Bry made a mini quilt w/ a silhouette of Jane Austen with the first passage from Pride and Prejudice and it's oval shaped so she did bias binding!
- Frieda showed her Doll Quilt Swap, which is a gorgeous grey/green quilt!
- Sabrina showed her finished row robin quilt top, which is all batik spools. She wants to make it a little boy's quilt.
- Becca brought a quilt that Erin is going to quilt for her, which is a huge queen sized Amy Butler quilt; it's gorgeous! She also showed a mini quilt using repro fabric in a rainbow patchwork pattern and a red and purple solid quilt top.
- Erin showed her For the Love of Solids Swap, which is a lap sized quilt in blues and greys!
- Sally showed an antique double wedding ring quilt and asked for opinions on finishing it; she also showed her art gnome quilts that are going to be featured on in September to promote the Happy Zombie fabric line; and a cute clasp pouch; and finally a cup cozy w/ Sherbet pips. She is also working on a quilt contest for Quilters Emporium in Shabby Chic fabric with bible verses embroidered.
- Tammy brought her Up and Down Quilt made from the Sarah Fielke pattern and fabric.
- Fi brought her fairy cross stitch to show us -- it's her first finish! She is working on another one w/ a very beautiful lady under a trellis.
- Safieh showed her Doll Quilt Swap and a baby quilt that are both made using the kaleidoscope ruler, which is a lot of fun. She also showed the two pouches she received in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.
- Linda showed a tumbler mini quilt made from the new Ruby line.

Row Robins:
Fi has Jacquie's
Who has Liz's?
We are going to start a new round of this in November when the Habitat and Name Tag Challenges are over.

Fat Quarter and Charm Swap:
Fun was had by all!

Liz did a zipper tutorial for the group, which was much appreciated!

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