Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Internation Quilt Festival Preview night!

Hey guys! So here is the plan for IQF if you want to join in on the fun!

Wednesday November 2nd is preview night for the event. Now this event is from 7-10pm and is usually a $25 ticket. Then tickets for Thursday - Sunday is $10 a day.


If you go on Wednesday to the George R. Brown from 4-6 pm and pay $25 to join the Internation Quilt Association you get entry into the preview night event PLUS one ticket for a full day of festival! So you are actually saving $10 and get to go to preview night which is WAY LESS crowded than any other day, and everything is open so you aren't really missing out on anything.

So the plan is that a bunch of us are showing up at the GRB between 4-6pm to purchase our memberships and get our passes, then enjoying preview night from 7-10pm.

Plus we are talking about doing a late night dinner afterwards if anyone is interested. And I will be (and I think some others) are planning on using their full day ticket on thursday (which is the least crowded of the days for those of you haven't been before) if you want to meet up then too!

Post on the flickr discussion here if you are planning on going so we can all keep an eye out for each other!

Internation Quilt Assocation Membership Info
IQA Membership Benefits

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