Saturday, March 23, 2013

Charity Sew In April 6 - AHOPE

Last month I received an email from my friend Kerry asking me if I wanted to be part of something special.  I thought I had won a trillion dollars from a far away prince or was being recruited to sell Amway.  Kerry was inviting me to join her Ethiopia Upcyling sewing team.  Ethiopia Upcycling sewing team is a wonderful group of ladies who sew year round making all sorts of items to sell on Etsy to benefit HIV orphans in Ethoipia.  Last year they raised $5000 to benefit AHOPE.

More information about AHOPE can be found here -

Kerry and I share a fondness about adoption.  Kerry adopted her second child, Tay from Ethiopia and I'm adopted.  We both have girls born in late Spring of 2008 which is how we met.  You can read about Kerry's journey to Ethiopia and how this group got founded.

Scott, Piper, Tay and Kerry
I have been collecting burlap coffee bean bags from roasters around Houston.  Kerry and Megan (who is also involved in Ethiopia Upcycle Sewing Team) sent me bags.

You can read about Megan's adoption journey and life with her kids here:

Some other sweet adoption blogs are,, and and you will see why adoption is a tie that binds people together. 

The Houston Modern Quilt Guild has decided to be part of this wonderful team.

A few pictures of last year's projects:

Tote Bag

Burlap Coffee Bean Bag
Ideas for the burlap coffee bean bags include yoga mats, bags, pouches, pillows... anything you can imagine and sew.  The only requirement is that the item have burlap incorporated.

I have 16 burlap coffee bean bags.  The HMQG has a charity sew-in scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2013 to make items to benefit AHOPE and our ongoing efforts to make wheel chair lap quilts for elderly in nursing homes.

Where: St. Martins Episcopal Church
717 Sage, Houston

Time: 10 am until 4 pm

Items due for AHOPE sewing is August 31, 2013.

Helpful Links for Sewing Burlap:



  1. Hey Kerri, so that others don't get confused reading this blog post, April 8th is a Monday. :)

  2. Sorry, our charity sew in is Saturday April 6. got my dates confused.