Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Show Off Your Studio Series - Sally

Sally’s Craft Studio

Welcome to my craft studio!! It’s a full little space that contains many little inspirations for me as I create daily!

And here is where the magic begins!!! Our house has this extra little bedroom that I commandeered as my craft studio (well, they called it the mother-in-law suite when we bought the house, but I don’t think my mom or my MIL would want to live in such a small little room!!).

My darling husband, Mr Gorgeous set up all of the cabinetry and shelves for me!! 

I got this awesome cutting table from my sweet friend, Amy from HMQG!! It is an awesome addition to the small room, not only for the storage capabilities, but for all of the cutting (or um, storing) space!!

My closet is wonderfully roomy and completely filled to the gills of many crafting supplies, especially rubber stamping supplies! I used to be a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator a few years ago, and I still have a paper crafting passion.

Here’s where my ironing board goes when I’m in full creation mode! With my new Oliso iron which I got for Mom’s Day!! Can we say spoiled??? Just a little???

I can store my ironing board and all of my bags (well, not all of them!! Eeeek!!) on the backside of my doors.

So, for me, it’s the little things in life that give me the most joy. I’m a full-on-live-out-loud kinda girlie who is completely inspired by text, sheep, and angels!! (and fabric, as you can well see!!)

See if you can spot sheep, angels, and words everywhere!!!

This is holding my current “to be finished” projects, as well as my white solid fabrics and linens!

I have art supplies as well as sewing supplies all up and down my big shelves!!

I’ve crafted in this room for about 5 years now, and I’m still finding ways to make things a little bit more accessible and practical. And the biggest thing I’ve learned is to keep cleaning/organizing on a weekly basis. This keeps all of my supplies fresh in my mind, so I’m not re-buying things or forgetting to use things!!

Here I have pretties and books that I just got (from quilt market!) and books I want to be in daily!

This dresser was the perfect storage place for my loads of fabric! I love that I can see what I have available for quick projects (or not so quick projects!!) with one glance!

Um yes to the sheep!! The HMQG girlies love me talking about my sheep!! LOL!!!

I keep patterns that I’m using frequently and all of my sketching tools in these baskets on the cutting table. The basket in the back has my selvedge collection. And the little basket in the front is an enticement basket…ie…projects that want to start and start soon!!! J

And last but not least, my sewing machine! I use a Janome 6600 and I love it!! (In the previous pics, I have it under my cutie cute sewing machine cover I made out of Sherbet Pips fabric designed by Aneela Hoey) Next week, I’m going to make a cute little matching sewing machine apron using a pattern from a friend, Erin Schlosser that is soon to be released!! So super fun!!

Thank you for letting my share my creative space with you today! I know there are a million things going on in here, but that’s what makes life really exciting: putting together different things to create a life of inspiration! No matter what kind of space you have, you can inspire your creativity with all of the pretties you surround yourself with!!

Happy creating!!! And many blessings!!

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  1. Sally, I loved taking a tour of your sewing space! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Sally, this is a lovely, inspiring, creative space. You and your husband have done an incredible job. Had to give him some credit. No wonder your work is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!