Monday, February 24, 2014

April Swap - Pillow Fight!

The April Swap will be pillow/cushion covers.

1. PTS 9!, 2. PTS 9, 3. PTS9 back of pillow, 4. PTS9 Pillow Received, 5. fabulous pillow from Kerry, 6. Pillow Talk Swap 9 - Sent, 7. Pillow Swap Talk 9 : Received, 8. Pillow Talk Swap pillow!, 9. Pillow talk swap received!, 10. Pillow talk swap received, 11. Eeek! Stile pillow is done! Thanks again @hehehe922, 12. Oh I just really don't know if I can part with this, 13. Pillow Talk Swap round 10, 14. PTS10 - FInished, 15. Just finished! I didn't want the quilting to detract from the piecing, so I did some in the ditch and echo quilting. Need to get some little goodies together before I send this off on Monday. #pts10 #pillowtalkswap, 16. Pillow Talk Swap 10 finished!


Size:  16x16, 18x18 or 20x20
Color: Modern Quilting
Challenge: Please place a piece of batting underneath the pillow top.  This allows for the pillow to stand better.

If you choose to make an odd size, please supply the insert.

Buttoned Up Throw Pillow
Zipper Tutorial

Basic Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Happy Sewing!

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