Monday, February 25, 2013

Is it Over??? I have the QuiltCon Blues!

QuiltCon was so amazing, it is hard to believe it is over.   But really, it will live in our hearts forever! It was so nice to be surrounded by so much beauty, skill, kindness and fun.  And that was just because I was rooming with Becca!!!  I have asked the group of us that went to all blog-in and give their reports of what they learned, were inspired by, and purchased!  Please check back over the next few weeks while we relive the madness that was QuiltCon. 

I am so glad I got there to participate in the inaugural event. Everyone I spoke with had a feeling we were doing something awesome and were lucky to be there.  I guess I should feel that way about my life but it takes something like a modern quilting conference to spark my gratitude! 

In case anyone hasn't logged on to the mothership site in a while, they have updated their look and added some new content on the Modern Quilt Guild.  Especially of interest is the list of show winners on their blog. 

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