Friday, May 29, 2015

Fancy Tiger Crafts - Sailor Top Workshop Saturday 5/30 10am - 3pm CST

Don't forget members! This Saturday we are having our Fancy Tiger Crafts - Sailor Top class. Julia and I (Hilary) will be teaching the class and walking you through everything from choosing a size to finishing seams.

A little about the Sailor Top:
"The Sailor Top pattern is an easy-to-wear & easy-to-sew raglan sleeve top with a sweet gathered neckline. Its a-line shape is never clingy. This wardrobe staple is oh-so-practical for every day wear & looks great in many different fabrics. Go crazy with prints or use a simple chambray. Either way it will be just darling!" -source

A few things to bring tomorrow:

- PREWASHED fabric according to fabric requirements. Largest sizes require 2.5 yds 45" wide or 2 yds 60" wide 

- for cutting your fabric: either (large cutting mat + rotary cutter + optional pattern weights) or (pins + fabric shears) 

-for cutting your pattern: bring a measuring tape to choose pattern size - don't just choose a size based on what size Ready To Wear clothes you buy. If you want to be able to cut another size in the future, bring freezer paper or other tracing paper and a pen or pencil to trace the pattern 

-for constructing the garment: sewing machine, pinking shears, pins, iron/ ironing board, if you happen to have a sewing gauge bring it along, but we can make do with measuring tapes. 

Julia and I are looking forward to this class and can't wait to see how everyone's tops turn out! 

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