Monday, June 15, 2015

Workshop with Jessica Darling - Color Party 2 - Saturday 6/20/15 10am - 4pm CST

Workshop in Lieu of our regular meeting!!

A note from Jessica:
*I am bringing scraps and strips for y'all to dive into- just $5 each to the kitty so that I can keep it rolling
*if you are bringing your own fabric, bring more than you need, ok? More is more. Many of my pieces were only used once or twice in the quilt. Super scrappy is good on this exercise! EXAMPLE: if it were me, I'd bring 30-50 fat quarters to play with. Doesn't mean you'll use them all! But it gives you more options for shadow play and color poppin. Aim for 5-6 central colors you like together and 2 contrasting neutrals. So. Looking at my sample, I used real, coral, mustard, persimmon, and jade; my contrasting neutrals black and white. Aim for neutrals that are equal but opposite.

Supply List:
  • 16- 5" squares of varying theme/large scale fabrics- these will be the centerpieces of y'alls blocks and can be either complementary or contrasting. Another good idea is to use the same designer, but different collections. 
    • Example: all Amy Butler center squares 10 neutral fat quarters in the same warmth--example: all grays and blacks and whites, or all beiges, khakis and browns, etc. 
  • Sewing machine, 
  • preferred thread, 
  • rotary cutter, 
  • ruler and mat. 
  • No specialty tools needed but an 8x14" ruler works really well for this exercise. 
  • We need to share irons and ironing boards for this workshop, ladies, as we can't plug in 40 irons without blowing fuses! 
    • We are going to limit irons plugged in to FIVE in the room. Sorry, but this is necessary so that we don't blow fuses and ruin the workshop for everyone! Even travel irons pull quite a bit of juice. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

As always we will go over any general business and have show and tell during our "lunch break" from 12pm-1pm. Bring any recent finishes you would like to share.

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