Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Easy Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments: A Tutorial

Today we have a special guest post from Amy who blogs at house of bad cats.  She will be sharing a tutorial for Easy Unbreakable Christmas ornaments which will also appear on her blog here. Be sure to look for a new holiday themed tutorial each week back here!

Hi!  I'm Amy from house of bad cats.  I'm a founding member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, and I'd like to share a tutorial with you for cute hexie Christmas ornaments.   

 tutorial #1

first, gather your materials. for each ornament, you will need the following:
- 4" square of linen or solid neutral cotton
- 4" square of christmas fabric
- 4" square fusible interfacing
- 4" piece of twine or ribbon - ink for stamping ( i prefer StazOn brand)
- a foam or rubber stamp of your choice
- paper in hexagon shape, 1 1/2" per side
tutorial #2

next, trace hexie onto your linen or kona solid fabric, then cut out leaving at least 1/4" around outline. prepare your linen hexie like this

note that i punch a hole or two in my paper hexie to make the paper easier to remove - you can just use the end of a pencil or chopstick to pop it right out!

tutorial #3
now give your hexie a good press with a hot iron. next, use your ink and stamp to stamp a design directly onto the fabric. then press again, and pop out the paper hexagon. press once more for good measure!
tutorial #4

tutorial #5
next, iron your fusible interfacing onto your print fabric. using the paper hexie you removed from the stamped hexie, trace it onto the interfaced print fabric and cut out 1/16" inside the outline using pinking shears or a wavy rotary cutter blade.
tutorial #6

  then take your twine or ribbon, fold it in half, and layer the cut ends between your stamped hexie and your other hexie, with the wrong sides of the hexies together. sew 1/8" from edge around all six sides of the hexagon, making sure your twine or ribbon hanger is positioned properly.

tutorial #7
trim your threads, and you have a finished ornament!
tutorial #8
these whip up super quick, especially if you make a handful at a time and i found i could make five or so in less than half an hour. they could also be used as cute package trims or tags, too!


  1. Love this idea, Amy!!! Perfect!!! I think I know what I'm giving all of my darling HMQG buddies for Christmas this year! ♥

  2. Too cute! May be cat proof. How about puppy proof? Excellent tutorial. Thanks.

  3. This is a really cute idea. I'll make some of these with the kids over Thanksgiving Break. Thanks for the idea.