Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tutorial: Folded Fabric Star Ornaments

Today we have a special guest post from Tammy who blogs at Karamat Sews. She will be sharing a tutorial for Folded Fabric Star Ornaments. Be sure to look for a new holiday themed tutorial each week back here!

Hi! I'm Tammy from Karamat Sews. I'm a founding member of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, and I'd like to share a tutorial with you for no-sew, folded fabric Christmas ornaments.

Folded Fabric Star Ornament

(8) 2.5-inch fabric squares (center of star) 
(16) 2.5-inch fabric squares (first round of star) 
(16) 2.5-inch fabric squares (second round of star) 
(1) 3-inch Styrofoam ball 
small, thin pins (lots and lots of pins!) 

HMQG Tutorial 1

Step 1: Starting with your center fabrics, fold each piece into quarters and finger-press a crease.
HMQG Tutorial 3

Step 2: Open up the starting square, and push a pin through the center, just a couple of threads below the center crease line. Push the pin into the styrofoam ball.
HMQG Tutorial 5

Step 3: Now we fold the first star point... fold the top half of the fabric down (covering the pin), and fold the right and left corners down, securing at the center with pins (I sometimes use pins at the bottom corners to hold the pieces in place until the next round of fabric.)
HMQG Tutorial 6 HMQG Tutorial 7 HMQG Tutorial 8 

Step 4: Add 3 more center pieces in the same way, making sure to nestle the points together snugly.
HMQG Tutorial 9

Step 5: Use the same folding technique to add the next layer. Add the first 4 pieces on top of the existing pieces, about 1/2" down from each point.
HMQG Tutorial 10

Step 6: Add 4 more points to complete the round (again, place them about a 1/2" down from the center of the ball)
HMQG Tutorial 11

Step 7: Follow steps 5 & 6 to add the next layer.
HMQG Tutorial 12

Step 8: Flip the ball over and repeat the process on the other side. Use additional pins to secure down any lose edges. 

Step 9: Use an 8-inch length of ribbon to create a hanging lop (secure to the ball with pins), and wrap additional ribbon around the ball to hide the seam and pins. 

Step 10: Hang on your tree and enjoy!

Folded Fabric Star Ornament


  1. This is amazing Tammy! Mind = blown. I wish we could make this together- I'm sure I can do it as I understand your instructions but that's just crazy!!

  2. Wow, everything old is new again! We used to make these back in the early 80's Nice tutorial.
    Shadywood Quilts

  3. thankyou so much for this tutorial, i was thinking what should i give to my housbands parents for crhistmas ,because tehy live far and i cant buy expensive gifts,but always make them little crafts, and this idea is great,they are beautiful